Chicken Eggs

Chicken Eggs

We are supply chicken eggs are available in various sizes and weights.  The white and brown shell eggs exported by us possess thick albumen and dark yellow yolk. Our eggs are tested in various parameters such as bird flu, salmonella infection and other contamination.

We are how keep secure the chicken:

  • Chickens like routine, and should be let out and put away at a set time every day.
  • They should be fed little and often.
  • Housing should be kept very clean, and all manure should be scraped off the perches and floor of the coop daily.
  • Fresh water should be given daily, and chickens looked over to see any immediate apparent illnesses.
  • There is no need to keeping a cock bird if you are raising chickens for eggs. Sometimes, they are more trouble than they are worth.

Test Reports & certificates we provide are

  • Afflation Report
  • Antibiotics Report
  • Off odor Report
  • Pesticides Report
  • Salmonella and Coliform
  • Health Certificate
  • Origin Certificate
  • SGS Certificate
  • BV and (cote CNA)

Specification Chicken Eggs:

Size Small, Medium, Big
Weight From 45gms to 60gms, 45gms to 49gms, 50gms to 55gms, 56gms to 60gms
Shell Color Chalky white color & medium brown shell
Features Thick albumen and medium dark yellow yolk
Shell Type Thick and smooth shell for the white and brown shell eggs
Free from New castle diseases
  Avian influenza
  Contagious diseases
  Salmon Eliza
  My coplasma

Mode of Payment Terms

  • 30% Advance And Balance 70% After Bl Scan Copy
  • 50% Advance And Balance 50% Cad


15-20 Days after confirmation of order